Functional hard coated film HA series (with adhesive)・H series

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Various functions can be added by thin film wet coating technology. Wide variety of coating formulations are available for various applications.

In addition to the clear type, low reflection type and anti-glare type, we also have a lineup of special grades that improve the writing quality of the touch pen.


HA series (with adhesive)

H series


We are able to support a variety of applications by combining our core technologies of “Surface Modification Technology,”
“Adhesive Technology,” and “Release liner Technology.”
Various films such as streched plastic films and cast films are used as base film.

Various technologies for functional hard coated films

Clear/Anti-glare/Anti-reflective type

Suppresses the decrease in visibility from the reflection of outside light on the screen.
For anti-glare type, we offer a line-up of high anti-glare and high-definition grades.

Clear type

Anti-glare type
(High anti-glare type)

Anti-glare type
(High definition anti-glare type)

Anti-sparkling type

Applying to high-definition displays enables suppression of dazzle.

Fingerprint-resistant type

We have two approaches as below for fingerprint-resistant films which are applied to the surface layer of displays.

Water-repellent type (fingerprint removability)

Before wiping

After wiping

Water contact angle

Contact angle Water:105.6°, Oleic acid:68.4°

Lipophilic type (makes fingerprint smudges less noticeable)

Before wiping

After wiping

Oleic acid contact angle

Contact angle Water: 60.6°, Oleic acid: 20.8°

Anti-water marking and anti-Newton ring type

Water marks that occur in air gap–type touch panel devices lead to a drop in the visibility.
In our coating products, the material designs take into account of the suppression of interference fringes.

Special function (improved writing feel) type

Tablet PCs for educational purposes and other devices that allow writing on the screen with a touch pen have become widespread. In order to make writing on them feel natural, we focused on the resistance and vibration when writing with a pencil on paper.



Product Line-up

  Product name Haze(%) *1 T.t. [%] *2 Pencil hardness *3 Scratch resistance *4 Remarks
Anti-Glare Type (Low definition / high anti-glare) HA203 9.3 90 2H  
(High definition / low anti-glare) HA239 5.5 90.5 3H Fingerprint removability
(High definition / low anti-glare) HA239LR 10.0 94 3H Low reflectivity
Clear Type HA110 0.3 90.5 3H Fingerprint removability
HA116 0.3 91 HB Easy bonding
HA137 0.3 91 H AWM property
Paper write feeling type HA243 22 91 2H  

*1 Measuring method : JIS K 7136
*2 Measuring method : JIS K7361-1
*3 Measuring method : JIS K5600-5-4(750g load )
*4 Measuring method : SW #0000, 250g/cm2 load 10 round trips

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HA series (with adhesive)・H series
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Functional hard coated film HA series (with adhesive)
H series

We design and develop coating films that impart a variety of functions (optical, electrical, and physical properties) required in state-of-the-art displays, and we provide high-quality products using our precise thin layered coating technology.

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