Protective FilmOptical Clear Adhesive Sheet (OCA) MO series

It is high quality transparent film which protect your product from scratches, dusts, etc. during manufacturing process, in transit and storage.
The adhesive used this protect film is designed for easy peeling and low residue.
It is also possible to control adhesion and add anti-static performance.



Adhesive designed for low residue to various type of adherend.

Anti-static performance(of only base-film, or base-film + adhesive) reduces static electricity during peeling film.

Peelable even after long-term application.

High transparency is achieved by using transparent PET film as the base-film.

We have a large variety of adhesion lineup for your needs.

Product Line-up

Product name Base-Film Base-Film
Adhesion to SUS (1)
ASD38-FK1525 PET 38 15 0.17 Anti-static performance
(Base-Film surface/adhesive surface)
ASD38-F1525 PET 38 15 0.06 Anti-static performance
(Base-Film surface/adhesive surface)
ASB38-K2025 PET 38 20 0.05 Anti-static performance
(Base-Film surface)
ASD38-P0725 PET 38 7 0.04 Anti-static performance
(Base-Film surface)
Low residue
(product with reduced adhesive residue)

Test condition

  1. Bonding time:24 hours, Measurement environment:23°C50%R.H., Peeling speed:300 mm/min, Peeling angle:180°

The values reported in the data are actual measured values and not guaranteed.

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Protective Film
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Optical Clear Adhesive Sheet (OCA) MO series

We offer a lineup of adhesive products that are ideal for bonding with the various components of mobile devices such as touch panels and displays.

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