Optical Clear Adhesive Sheet (OCA)Optical Clear Adhesive Sheet (OCA) MO series

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We offer a lineup of adhesive products that are ideal for bonding with the various components of mobile devices such as touch panels and displays.

OCA for Direct Bonding

With its gap-filling ability and blister resistance, OCA* for direct bonding is ideal for bonding a variety of cover panels, sensor materials, and optical films.
*OCA:Optical Clear Adhesive

OCA for Film Type Touch Sensor

OCA* for touch sensor. Ideal for bonding various optical films such as transparent conductive films.
*OCA: Optical Clear Adhesive

Thin, High-durability OCA

Thin and High-durability OCA* that is suitable for film bonding. Product line-up with a high elastic modulus, strong adhesive strength, and excellent flexibility.
*OCA: Optical Clear Adhesive

Proposals providing special functionalities

Special properties, such as UV cut properties, can be added to OCAs* suitable for any applications.
*OCA: Optical Clear Adhesive