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In order to satisfy the ever-evolving market needs,
We have developed new optical adhesive products which made from plant-derived materials in the adhesive layer.
This is an optical adhesive sheet that has acquired the "Biomass Mark" certification operated by Japan Organics Recycling Association.
Biomass-based optical adhesive sheets contribute to reducing petroleum resources consumption.


What is “Biomass Mark”

This is a trademark certified by Japan Organics Recycling Association.
“Biomass Mark” represents using renewable biological organics and satisfying demanded quality performance, standards and specifications.


Acquired “Biomass Mark” for the adhesive layer of the optical adhesive sheet

Certified product information

Certification number Product name Biomass content Remarks
230115 OPTERIA MO-7031 35% Acid-free

Biomass adhesives with the high performance required for optical applications

Product Line-up

Product name Adhesive Thickness
Optical properties(2) Blister resistance(3) Moisture and heat resistance(4)
Total Transmittance
OPTERIA MO-7031 25~125 15 ≧99 <1

Sample composition

  1. Applied surface: Soda-lime glass、 Facestock :PET film(100µm)、Adhesive thickness:50µm、Bonding time: 24 hours、Measurement environment:23℃50%R.H.、Peeling speed:300mm/min、Peeling angle:180°
  2. Sample composition:Soda-lime glass/Adhesive
  3. Sample composition:ITO PET/OCA/PC plate、Test condition:85℃85%R.H.72 hours
  4. Sample composition:ITO PET/OCA/ITO-PET、Test condition:85℃85%R.H.72 hours

The values reported in the data are actual measured values and not guaranteed.

We are developing various type of biomass products for optical adhesive.
The above product is one of the representative items and it is possible to develop even higher biomass content.
Please feel free to contact us.

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