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Our lineup of Opteria products is focused on optical adhesive sheets used in touch panels, etc., and also includes hard coated films imparted with a variety of functionalities, films to control the diffusion of light, gas barrier sealing materials, and more. They are put to use in a wide range of devices that are equipped with touch panels.

We offer a lineup of adhesive products that are ideal for bonding with the various components of mobile devices such as touch panels and displays.

We design and develop coating films that impart a variety of functions (optical, electrical, and physical properties) required in state-of-the-art displays, and we provide high-quality products using our precision thin film coating technology.

This unique light diffusion film has a refractive index distribution structure inside the film. By using light efficiently, it is able to contribute to high visibility and energy saving in display devices. The diffuse shape (anisotropic/isotropic) and diffusion angle can be adjusted according to the purpose.

Our barrier films have a water vapor barrier performance of 10 -4g/m2/day or lower. These films contribute to a lower weight and greater flexibility in devices, including organic EL devices (displays and lighting), organic solar cells, and electronic paper.