Thin, High-durability OCAOptical Clear Adhesive Sheet (OCA) MO series

High-durability OCA* with a thin film that is suitable for film bonding. This is a product line-up with a high elastic modulus, strong adhesive strength, and excellent flexibility.
*OCA: Optical Clear Adhesive



High adhesion and durability in thin thickness

Lineup of high and low elastic modulus types

Suppress shrinkage for facestocks with a high coefficient of thermal expansion(high modulus type)

High reliability (bending resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance)

Temperature dependence of storage modulus

Folding test

With excellent flexibility and low likelihood of peeling defects, there is little damage to the flexible substrate.

Conventional product


Development product


Dynamic bending test

*Test condition
Bending diameter:4mmφ Test temperature:23℃ Number of tests:100,000 times


For bonding various optical functional films to folderable devices

Product Line-up

Product name Adhesive film thickness (μm) Adhesion(1)
Optical properties(2) Folding test Remarks
T.t. [%] Haze(%)
NCF-N632 5~30 10 >99.0 <1.0 Acid-containing type General high durability type
NCF-D692 5~30 15 >99.0 <1.0 Acid-containing type High modulus and high durability type
NCF-F619 5~30 5 >99.0 <1.0 Acid-free type Low modulus type
Development product 5~30 10 >99.0 <1.0 Acid-free type Flex resistance improved type

*Test condition

  1. Applied surface: soda glass, Facestock: PET film (100 μm), Bonding time: 24 hours, Measurement environment: 23°C and 50% RH, Peeling speed : 300mm/min 、180-degree peeling
  2. Test condition: Soda glass / adhesive

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Optical Clear Adhesive Sheet (OCA)
MO series

We offer a lineup of adhesive products that are ideal for bonding with the various components of mobile devices such as touch panels and displays.

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