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Optical and Electronic Materials

LINTEC combines materials design and materials development for adhesive sheets, hard coated films and release liners, and production technology for precise thin layered coating, to offer high quality, high performance and high-value-added touch screen related products as its “Opteria” brand. These products are targeted to meet the requirements of highly functional mobile devices that are also becoming thinner and lighter.
Even as the mobile market continues to change rapidly, LINTEC will accurately capture the needs of the age and flexibly offer solutions for customers’ requirements.

Opteria products contribute to production of high-quality and high-performance digital devices

Opteria products take advantage of our material design and manufacturing technologies for adhesive sheets, hard coated films, release liners, etc. that we have cultivated in optical films for a variety of displays, and they are used in optical electronics and other devices that are equipped with touch panels.

Optical Clear Adhesive Sheet (OCA) MO series

We offer a lineup of adhesive products that are ideal for bonding with the various components of mobile devices such as touch panels and displays.

Functional hard coated film
HA series (with adhesive)
H series

We design and develop coating films that impart a variety of functions (optical, electrical, and physical properties) required in state-of-the-art displays, and we provide high-quality products using our precise thin layered coating technology

Light Diffusion Film DF series

This unique light diffusion film has a refractive index distribution structure inside the film. By using light efficiently, it is able to contribute to high visibility and energy saving in display devices. The diffuse shape (anisotropic/isotropic) and diffusion angle can be adjusted depending on the purpose.

Gas Barrier Encapsulation Materials MS series

Relates to our barrier films (MS-Fseries)having a water vapor barrier performance of 10-4 g/m2/day or lower. These films contribute to a lower weight and greater flexibility in devices, including organic EL devices (displays and lighting), organic solar cells, and electronic paper.

Product Information


ASF for Touch Screen Cover (Anti shatter film) Functional hard coated film HA series Functional hard coated film「H series」 Optical Clear Adhesive Sheet MO series

Technical applications in capacitive touch panels

Potential applications

Automotive and industrial touch panels

Smartphones and tablets

Wearable devices

Digital signage, large display terminals such as electronic blackboards, etc.

Sales, research, and production system of Opteria products

Based on your needs, we provide high-quality and high-performance products by our integrated production.

  • One-stop service covering all processes from the design of adhesive, hard coated, and peeling materials to precise thin layered coating on films
  • Global support with a sales network centered on Asia

Material development technology/production technology

Opteria allows integrated production of adhesive and hard coated products

As a leading company in adhesive and bonding materials, we at LINTEC provide high quality products using our unique development technologies for adhesive, peeling, hard coated and other materials, as well as our precise thin layered coating and other production technologies.

Research and production system

【Materials Development Technology】

Designs of adhesive

  • Applications-oriented adhesive performance
  • Optical properties (transparent and colored adhesive)
  • Physical properties (unevenness-following, blister resistance)
  • Peeling properties (control of peal force)

Designs of surface coating materials

  • Optical properties (transparency, anti-glare, etc.)
  • Physical properties (surface smoothness, high hardness, etc.)
  • External appearance properties (texture, aesthetic property, etc.)
  • Other properties (fingerprint registance, Anti-Newton Ring, anti-fouling properties, etc.)

【Production Technology】

Composition and dispersion technology

  • Uniformity in coating material ingredients

Precise thin layered coating technology

  • Smoothness, uniform coating thickness (high-level thickness precision)
  • Transparency (clean production enviroment)

Sales network

We have established a sales system for Opteria products that is centered on Asia.