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Functional hard coated film HA series (with adhesive)

Our hard coated films with excellent writing feel have been adopted in educational tablets

In recent years, tablets allowing characters to be written on a screen with a touch pen have been introduced for learning to write kanji (Chinese characters) in elementary schools.
However, it was difficult to write kanji on a conventional smooth screen due to the stops and hooks that are particular to kanji characters.
LINTEC has developed a hard coated film with fine irregularities so as to achieve almost the same feeling as writing on paper with a pencil.
Adopted in Fujitsu’s tablets, it helped achieve an ideal writing feel for learning kanji. In the future, we will continue our research and development with the aim of further improving the performance.

Developer interview

We asked the researchers in charge of the development about the required performance and their future goals.

Q: How did you achieve the “ideal writing feel”?

First, we focused our attention on the resistance and vibration when writing with a pencil on paper. In addition to the numerical analysis of the coefficient of friction, amplitude, frequency, etc., our researchers also thoroughly discussed with one another and studied which films can come close to the ideal writing feel in an intuitive sense.

Q: What difficulties did you face in developing the product?

Optical-related films require high level of quality, especially in terms of the image quality.
For example, just when we thought we were close to the ideal writing feel, the screen became cloudy. Or the pen tip would start wearing out too easily. It was difficult to meet many of the required performance aspects at the same time.

Q: What other types of performance are needed?

The performance required extends over many areas. Reducing the scattering of glass fragments if the glass of a tablet is broken, suppressing the reflection of fluorescent and other lamps, making it resist getting dirty, giving it an appropriate level of hardness so its surface isn’t scratched when it’s written on with a touch pen, and so on.

Q: What are your future goals?

We want to create the illusion that you are writing on a piece of paper with a pencil when you write on the tablet blindfolded. Going forward, we will continue to develop products that can further improve performance in line with the model changes.

Functional hard coated film HA series (with adhesive) H series